Asian Bioethics Research Network

The Asian Bioethics Research Network (ABRN) is an informal network of bioethics researchers in Asian countries. The main aim of the network is to promote high level research in bioethics in Asia, in particular by promoting and assisting early career bioethicists.

The network started with a realization that although there have been a dramatic rise in bioethics activities worldwide over the past decade, in particular in relation to clinical research ethics, there are few opportunities for early career bioethicists to develop their skills and expertise. The aim of the network has therefore been to organize meetings where early career can present their research and interact with experienced, international bioethics researchrs. So far we have organized several meetings, also in collaboration with the Department of Bioethics at the US National Institutes of Health in conjunction with the biannual meeting of the International Association of Bioethics. The agendas of the two first meetings are linked here.

Recently, the focus has shifted to China, and the next meeting will be organized in Beijing in November 2016.